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Artist: Pat Lazo

Catalogue with Ease

ArtMoi Features - Cataloguing


Catalogue an unlimited number of your artworks. Enter, edit and organize as many details as you wish about each of your works.

ArtMoi Features - Custom Fields


Add your own custom fields to personalize the details you enter about your artworks. Create custom lists, text, toggle, or number fields.

ArtMoi Features - Collections


Create collections to further organize your artwork. Choose your collection’s featured image and customize the order your works are displayed within each.

ArtMoi Features - Bulk Import & Edit


Save time by uploading up to 30 images at once. Use the bulk editing tool to edit multiple artworks at the same time. Also use bulk importing to upload existing spreadsheet data.

Multiple Viewing Options

Sharing & Tracking

ArtMoi Features - Private Links


Share your artwork and its information privately with collectors, galleries or contacts of your choice. Add a passcode to your link for extra security.

ArtMoi Features - Reports


Create reports to keep track of your work. The advanced search features let you customize your reports to your liking. Send reports to contacts via private links.

ArtMoi Features - Locations


Create locations to keep track of where your art is at any given moment. Locations use Google Maps, allowing for specific geo-tagging.

ArtMoi Features - ArtMoi IDs


Every time you add a new artwork into ArtMoi Studio it gets assigned a globally unique id number so that you can track your work over its lifetime.

Fully Responsive

Technology Built for You

ArtMoi Features - Fully Responsive


Use your smartphone or tablet to quickly photograph your art, then come back later to fill in all of the nitty-gritty details.

ArtMoi Features - Secure


Your data security is important to us. We follow security best practices when developing our software and storing your data.

ArtMoi Features - Cloud-based


Access the ArtMoi Dashboard securely from any web-enabled computer or device. Automatic daily backups give you peace of mind.

ArtMoi Features - Personal Support


Use our live chat to get quick one-on-one support. After hours questions? We respond to email inquiries as quickly as possible.

ArtMoi Features - Pro-Storage


Attach high resolution files and documents to your artworks so that you can keep not only your images safe, but also the documentation surrounding each of your artworks. Learn more

ArtMoi Features - Website Integrations


Choose the website integration that works best for you. From clean and simple pre-designed templates, to a fully customizable WordPress website, you have options. Learn more

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