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Free cataloguing software for artists.

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Catalogue your art for free with ArtMoi Studio.

  • Free unlimited cloud storage for your artwork.
  • Organize your art with collections, tagging and categories.
  • Share your art privately with your contacts.
  • Website integration options.
  • Track your work with a global tracking number.
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Create a portfolio website synced with your Artmoi Studio collection.

  • Easily create a portfolio website to share your work.
  • Updated directly from your Artmoi Studio account.
  • Choose from website themes designed for artists.
  • Several pricing plans available to meet your needs.
  • Looks great on all sizes of devices.
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About ArtMoi

We want to help you preserve your legacy.

ArtMoi is an initiative to simplify the process of documenting art.

The vision of ArtMoi spurred from the observation that we can track the movement of goods around the world, but visual artists have very limited abilties to protect their creations or have real influence on how their artwork is used once it leaves their hands.

Every work of art has a story behind it and by adopting some simple tools into their process, artists can become the custodian of these stories.

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ArtMoi has been featured by

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Other ArtMoi Projects

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Explore art on the streets. ArtMoi Public lets you find public art and street art near you.

At ArtMoi we believe that it is important to document public art and street art over time. Contact us to use ArtMoi to document and share your next public art exhibition.

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An ArtMoi Billboard Project

ArtMoi and Pattison Outdoor Media are working to share a little art with you during your daily travels in Winnipeg, MB Canada

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Support from the community.

Sara Angel, Founder & Executive Director, The Art Canada Institute

“ArtMoi understands what artists need now and in the future to ensure that their creative works are properly tracked and catalogued once they leave the studio. ArtMoi's software is nothing short of revolutionary. The only product of its kind, ArtMoi ensures that a work of art will never be lost, unaccounted for, or experience a copyright infringement. In short ArtMoi is indispensable because it provides an unprecedented and easy-to-use tool that allows artists to control the destiny of their work for generations to come.”

- Sara Angel, Founder & Executive Director, The Art Canada Institute

Andrew Eastman & Chloe Chafe, Creative Directors, Synonym Art Consultation / Wall-to-Wall

"The tools ArtMoi Public provides our organization are invaluable in helping to envision and encourage the development of a grassroots contemporary street art movement in our community. Anyone interested in exploring their city in a meaningful way should use ArtMoi Public!"

- Andrew Eastman & Chloe Chafe, Creative Directors, Synonym Art Consultation / Wall-to-Wall

Jeff Ryzner, President North Forge Technology Exchange

"We work with companies that have a wide range in scope at North Forge. Some projects are simply ideas that have immense profit potential, but ArtMoi is an initiative that could change how the arts industry works from the ground up and is truly revolutionary."

- Jeff Ryzner, President, North Forge Technology Exchange

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