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A Little About Us

ArtMoi Features - We Know How To Help


At ArtMoi, there are two things we know really well: how to build highly scalable and progressive web apps and how and why the art world functions the way it does.

ArtMoi Features - A Platform For The Arts


ArtMoi is more than just an online cataloguing tool. ArtMoi, at its heart, is a development platform which makes building technical solutions for the art world a lot faster and a lot easier.

ArtMoi Features - Experience is Key


The ArtMoi team has decades of experience in building and maintaining state of the art solutions for the art world. We also partner and support the technical vision for brick and mortar art based businesses.

ArtMoi Features - Partnerships That Work


This combined knowledge and experience makes ArtMoi the perfect choice in a development partner for your own art based business or service.

Our API Gives You Options

The ArtMoi API allows for endless possibilities, below are a few examples of solutions and features that we can build & support.

Buildable Solutions

  • Mobile apps for iPhone & Android frameworks
  • Solutions for any internet connected device
  • Simple or progressive web apps
  • Signage & digital displays
  • Custom built websites

Supported Features

  • Internal point of sale & online commerce
  • Photography & image manipulation
  • Portfolio & marketing design
  • Auction registration & bidding
  • Custom reporting & analytics
  • Mapping & geocaching
  • Inventory management

Why Build With ArtMoi?

ArtMoi Features - Ready Built Dashboard


Tried and tested by thousands of artists to manage and organize their work, the ArtMoi dashboard can be used to manage and organize records needed in your own custom app or solution.

ArtMoi Features - Scalable


Your app might not have a million users from day one, but we make sure that whatever you build can get you where you need to go, regardless of how fast you get there.

ArtMoi Features - Secure


Your security and peace of mind is important to us. Our team has experience deploying and protecting online services for millions of users.

ArtMoi Features - Fully Accessible Api


The power behind our ability to provide custom development services and support is the ArtMoi API. The functionality in the ArtMoi suite of tools can be accessible via our API and built into any type of application or website.

Custom Solutions

Let's Work Together


Hire us as your own personal and experienced development team. We will work with you to analyze the technical and business requirements of your project and turn your ideas into a working and successful product.


We love to work with other developers and we are more than happy to support an existing development team who wishes to incorporate features of the ArtMoi platform into your own solution.


Sara Angel, Founder & Executive Director, The Art Canada Institute

Sara Angel

Founder & Executive Director, The Art Canada Institute

“ArtMoi understands what artists need now and in the future to ensure that their creative works are properly tracked and catalogued once they leave the studio. ArtMoi's software is nothing short of revolutionary.

The only product of its kind, ArtMoi ensures that a work of art will never be lost, unaccounted for, or experience a copyright infringement. In short ArtMoi is indispensable because it provides an unprecedented and easy-to-use tool that allows artists to control the destiny of their work for generations to come.” hide

Jeff Ryzner, President North Forge Technology Exchange

Jeff Ryzner

President, North Forge Technology Exchange

"We work with companies that have a wide range in scope at North Forge. Some projects are simply ideas that have immense profit potential, but ArtMoi is an initiative that could change how the arts industry works from the ground up and is truly revolutionary."

Randolph Parker speaking about ArtMoi software and it's importance to his career as an artist.

Randolph Parker

Professional Artist

"ArtMoi is simply incredible and its importance to my artistic career is invaluable. Its easy to use software simplifies the complexity of cataloging my artwork, makes it easier to do business and protects the vital information and images of my creative life."

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