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Art collection management software

Simplify your insurance and appraisal process by cataloguing and organizing your art collection.

What people are saying about ArtMoi

Sara Angel, Founder & Executive Director, The Art Canada Institute

“ArtMoi understands what artists need now and in the future to ensure that their creative works are properly tracked and catalogued once they leave the studio. ArtMoi's software is nothing short of revolutionary. The only product of its kind, ArtMoi ensures that a work of art will never be lost, unaccounted for, or experience a copyright infringement. In short ArtMoi is indispensable because it provides an unprecedented and easy-to-use tool that allows artists to control the destiny of their work for generations to come.”

- Sara Angel, Founder & Executive Director, The Art Canada Institute

Andrew Valko speaking about ArtMoi software and their philosophy

"The simplicity of ArtMoi’s software combined with their philosophy of putting the artist in control of their art make it a perfect platform for professional artists to catalogue and share their work on. ArtMoi allows me to stay organized and feel good about where I’m storing the information about my art."

- Andrew Valko, Professional Artist

Jeff Ryzner, President North Forge Technology Exchange

"We work with companies that have a wide range in scope at North Forge. Some projects are simply ideas that have immense profit potential, but ArtMoi is an initiative that could change how the arts industry works from the ground up and is truly revolutionary."

- Jeff Ryzner, President, North Forge Technology Exchange


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