Studies Show Public Art is Good for Your Health

Art is a powerful tool. It can make you laugh, cry, fill your heart with warmth, or run a chill down your spine. Art can move you, can scare you, excite you, or delight you. But apart from emotional effects, scientists are finding more and more proof that art can actually be physically good for you. Below we summarize several studies that suggest art can have positive health benefits for individuals as well as communities (with photos from ArtMoi Public). HereRead more

GIFs: Watch Seb Lester Hand Letter Famous Logos Perfectly

Seb Lester is a graphic designer and artist specializing in typography. He has designed typefaces for companies such as NASA, Apple, Nike, Intel, H&M, and The New York Times. He is one of the highest profile calligraphers in the world, with a massive social media following. See more videos of Seb doing his calligraphy here.        Read more

9 Massive Abstract Sculptures to Inspire and Amaze You

Art doesn’t need to shout. It can barely whisper and still touch your soul. But sometimes art makes a big statement in public to get your attention. Here are some giant abstract works of public art found in ArtMoi Public. We’ve got some classics and some we’re sure you’ve never seen. Click each image to see more details about the piece, such as location and additional photos. This iconic work of public art is actually not a cube as the name suggests, but appearsRead more

A'Shop Crew and their Magnificent Murals

A’Shop [À la shop] is a Montreal-based collective of artists who specialize in graffiti style art. They paint commissioned murals outdoor and indoor, as well as canvas art, décor, and custom-designed pieces. They call themselves an “artist-run production company” and come equipped with a large studio and office space, a production manager, operations manager, administrative director, and sales & marketing specialists. Although they have been in the graffiti scene since the early 90s, they officially started the company in 2009. TheRead more