ArtMoi Updates: Dashboard Changes, Report Layout, and Shopify Integration(!)

Dashboard Updates
If you’ve logged into Studio in the past few weeks you may have noticed we’ve changed our look a little bit. The changes were made to help guide users, especially new users, along with their cataloguing journey. You may not need any help, but it’s there if you need it! We’re also here if you need us; did you know we have a live-chat feature that will connect you with someone (probably Emily) if you have any questions? It’s that little blue chat icon in the bottom corner of your Studio Dashboard. You can also find it on if you aren’t a user yet and need some more information. We’re also available via email at [email protected]

Report Customizations
Customization options for reports have been one of the most requested features recently. We’re still working on more options but are happy to announce that users can now customize the order of their Creations within a report. PDFs can be generated from the customized lists. To learn more about customizing the order of your Creations in a report follow this tutorial.

Update CC / Billing Schedule
Hey, Portfolio users, you can now update your credit card information and change your billing schedule without contacting us! To make any of those changes, head to the Portfolio Website section in your Studio Dashboard and select the Manage button. Or you can follow this step-by-step tutorial.

Shopify Integration (Beta)
Yes, you read that right. We’ve taken our first steps into the e-commerce world with a Shopify integration. With the integration, you can publish available artworks directly to your Shopify store from ArtMoi Studio. Once the artwork has sold, the availability status will automatically change to ‘Sold’ and you’ll be able to track order history right in your Studio dashboard. Visit Shopify to learn more about hosting an e-commerce store, they have a few different plans depending on your needs and sale volume. Our integration app is free while we’re in beta mode, but we promise to keep any costs artist friendly. If you’d like to try it out, you can find the Shopify integration under the Publishing menu in your Studio dashboard.

We recently added a little pink, sprinkle donut to the home dashboard of Studio and on all pages in What’s the significance? The ArtMoi team runs on donuts and coffee, of course. ArtMoi is a mostly free platform and we support thousands of artists all over the world with a team of only six people. If you appreciate what we do, as a Studio user or just a fan, you can click on that little donut to donate and help keep us fueled up. We thrive on your support and it is truly appreciated.