ArtMoi is an online art database designed to make the process of documenting and managing artworks simple.

As a cloud-based platform, ArtMoi's database provides professional artists, collectors, art galleries and professionals with all of the tools they need to catalogue, organize, track, and share provenance based information in one place. Additionally, ArtMoi provides a foundation for the adoption of new technology and enables artists and creators to participate in how their artwork is managed and used.

ArtMoi is simple, accessible and secure

We have designed our database to meet the needs of individual artists and enterprise level arts organizations. Our web based interface makes it easy for our users to access their records and documents from anywhere and our decades of experience in building software means those records and documents are secure, and digitally archieved.

ArtMoi is more than just a database.

Around our database we have built a sophisticated software platform that allows us and our development partners to build complex database powered software for any type or size of arts organization. Our software platform can power simple artist portfolios as well as complex auction registration and bidding systems. Bring your own developer and use our Application Programming Interface (API) or hire our experienced and dedicated team to bring your project or idea to life.