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moi: me, ArtMoi: my art

ArtMoi is an initiative to simplify the process of documenting art.

The vision of ArtMoi spurred from the observation that we can track the movement of goods around the world, but visual artists have very limited abilities to protect their creations or have real influence on how their artwork is used once it leaves their hands. This is a major issue for an industry that relies so heavily on a product’s provenance.

ArtMoi is a creation registry platform which can track a work of art or any collectible object over its lifetime. Our goal is to become an ISBN-type system for visual arts and high valued collectibles. Every piece of art that gets uploaded into ArtMoi is assigned a globally unique ID number so that all of the information surrounding a single work of art can be tracked over time. With this we are working to create a new industry standard that is controlled by artists for the long term provenance tracking of art.

As a cloud-based platform, ArtMoi provides professional artists, collectors, and galleries with all of the tools needed to catalogue, organize, track, and share provenance based information in one place. Additionally, ArtMoi provides a foundation for the adoption of new technology and enables artists and creators to participate in how their work is managed and used.

ArtMoi has recently gained institutional support from Western University, the Art Gallery of Ontario, and the Art Canada Institute where we are collaborating to establish a standard program for building digital catalogue raisonnes for some of Canada’s most celebrated artists.

Ryan Mayberry, the founder of ArtMoi grew up in the Canadian art world. His father, Bill Mayberry, has been a respected art dealer specializing in Canadian art since the early 1970s. With extensive experience in developing internet solutions, as well as helping to grow the family business by building successful services and support businesses for the Canadian and international art markets, Ryan leads the vision and product development behind ArtMoi. Through Ryan’s two passions, art and technology, he and the company strive to fulfill ArtMoi’s mission: To empower artists and make art more accessible to everyone.

More on Our Philosophy

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