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moi: me, ArtMoi: my art

ArtMoi is an initiative to simplify the process of documenting art.

The vision of ArtMoi spurred from the observation that we can track the movement of goods around the world, but visual artists have very limited abilities to protect their creations or have real influence on how their artwork is used once it leaves their hands. Every work of art has a story behind it and by adopting some simple tools into their process, artists can become the custodian of these stories.

Much like the ISBN system for the publishing industry, every piece of art that gets uploaded into ArtMoi is assigned a globally unique ID number so that all of the information surrounding a single work of art can be tracked over time. With this technology we have created online cataloguing software for professional artists. We are working to create a new industry standard that is controlled by artists for the long term provenance tracking of art.

How do we utilize this technology?

The ArtMoi Studio software provides professional artists with all of the tools needed to catalogue, organize, track and share their work in one place. Studio is free to use on any web enabled device.

ArtMoi also offers affordable account upgrade options for artists to create portfolio websites that automatically sync with their Studio account.

The process of documenting street art and public art is another important initiative the company strives to help address. ArtMoi Public lets you record those moments that are fleeting, especially with street art. It allows anyone in the world to browse creative works in the public space and can be used to document and share street art and public art exhibitions.

Ryan Mayberry is the founder of ArtMoi. He is a software engineer and partner at Mayberry Fine Art and Consignor Auctions Limited. Through Ryan’s two passions, art and technology, he and the company strive to fulfill ArtMoi’s mission: To empower artists and make art more accessible to everyone.

More on Our Philosophy

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